COHANDS Aims and Objectives

Main Objectives
  • To provide and arrange facilities for diffusion of knowledge, exchange of ideas views and information on subjects of common interest to Handicrafts
  • To promote, protect and develop common interests of the various Handicrafts Development Corporation ,member organisations and handicrafts sector in general
  • To maintain a technical library and /or reading room
  • To co- operate with various institutions and organisations in India and abroad in the collection and exchange of information pertaining to Handicrafts
  • To undertake professional technical management, marketing and such other consultancy services for the benefit of Handicrafts
  • To undertake studies , surveys, research projects and collection of mechanical inventions of designs concerning Handicrafts
  • To develop better co-ordination collaboration, joint participation, relations and understanding amongst various constituents of Handicrafts Sector Sector
  • To organise common service facilities, courses, seminars, meetings, tours
  • To co- operate with other similar bodies, institutions and associations in India with the intention of furthering the objectives of the Council and with his end in view to affiliate groups and bodies and also to get itself affiliated to any other national or international body, organisation or association, if considered necessary.
  • To organise, conduct and/ or participate in national and international exhibitions and regional exhibitions
  • To seek representation for the Council on the various Committees, bodies, delegations, teams etc. set up by the Central or any State Government in connection with the development of Handicrafts
  • To establish contacts and relations with trade relations with trade representatives or trade organisations, associations and chambers of foreign countries, in India or out of India so as to develop and establish direct contacts and/ or to sponsor study teams to various countries
  • To establish Import -Export Consortia , organise sub- contracting exchanges, common or joint marketing agencies without any commission or profit , sponsor or run personal training institute for the efficient conduct of the affairs of the Handicrafts Development Corporations, member organisations and other organisations in handicrafts sector
  • To generally do all other things incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.
Ancillary Objectives

With a view to promoting the foregoing objects the Council shall have following ancillary and incidental objectives:

  • To acquire by way of lease ,sub-lease ,gift ,purchase, exchange , hire or in any other manner , any movable or immovable properties and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society and to construct , erect, alter, improve and maintain any building and to manage , develop , sell, let dispose of , mortgage, or otherwise deal with all or any part of the assets and rights of the Society with a view to achieve its objects provided that prior approval of the Central Government shall be obtained for the acquisition and sale of immovable property anywhere in India or abroad.
  • To accept grants of money, equipment, land, buildings, donations, gifts, subscriptions and other assistance from the State/Central Government, International Multi-lateral Funding Agencies or from any other source and to conform to the conditions on which such grants, other payments and assistance may be received, provided that no benefaction shall be accepted by the Society, which in its opinion involves conditions or obligations contrary to its objects.
  • To establish, equip and maintain data bank, libraries, museum for housing collection of handloom products, film slides, photographs, prototypes, workshops, institutes, organisations and such other facilities as are necessary for carrying out the subjects of the Council.
  • To establish, maintain, control and manage Branches or Zone or Regional Chapter of the Council.
  • To levy fees or other charges for any services/facilities provided by the Society to the Subscribers of various schemes or general public at such nominal or other rates as specified by the Executive Committee.
  • To Prepare, print, publish issue, acquire and circularise books, papers, periodicals, bulletins, exhibits, films, slides, video tapes, gazetteers, circulars and engage in such other literary undertakings dealing with or having a bearing on the objects of the Society.
  • To create partnership, affiliation and other classes of Professional or honorary or technical membership of the Council and carrying such rights and obligations as may be decided by the Executive Committee.
  • To retain / employ skilled craftsmen and artisans, designers, professionals or technical advisors, consultant's workers in connection with the achievement of the object of the Council and to pay therefore such fee, honorarium or other remuneration as may be thought expedient.
  • To delegate any of its powers to the Executive Committee and to authorize the Executive Committee to sub-delegate its power to any of the sub-committee (s) constituted by the Executive committee.
  • To assist, guide or collaborate with other organisations or institutions in India or in any part of the world having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the Council, in such manner as a may be conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Council; However, in respect of agreements involving foreign collaboration, prior approval of the Central Government shall be obtained.
  • To establish, promote, Co-operate with, become a member of, act as, or appoint trustees, agents or delegates to control manage, superintend or otherwise assist any associations and institutions and other bodies engaged in any of the fields for which the Council is established.
  • To procure recognition for the Council Vis - a - Vis its objects in India and abroad.
  • To negotiate contracts on behalf of the Society and vary and rescind such contracts.
  • To borrow, raise or secure the payment of any money on such terms and conditions and on such security as may be deemed fit and proper provided they are not inconsistent with objects of the Society.
  • To depute and join in electing or nominating delegates, advisors etc. to represent the Council on regional, national and international conferences and seminars and similar events.
  • Institutes and award fellowships, scholarships, prizes and medals towards recognition of talent and excellence.
  • To enter into any arrangement with any Government, Governmental Authority, Municipal or local authority or otherwise that may be conducive to attainment of the objects of the Society and to obtain from any such authority rights, privileges and concessions which the society may think desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with such arrangement, rights, privileges and concessions.
  • To obtain such prerogatives, rights privileges, licenses including patent rights in relation to any new and useful invention respecting any art , process , method or manner of manufacture , machine, apparatus or other article or substance or any new or useful improvisation of any of them as result of the society's direct or indirect R & D activities and efforts, as may be decided by the society, and
  • To do all such other lawful activities as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.